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After graduating from the State Institute of Art in San Cataldo (CL ), Antonio Presti made ​​his first solo show in the Gallery Caltanissetta "THE KING OF AREMI " in 1968 at just 17 years old. The paintings of the period in Palermo university ( he attended the Faculty of Medicine in 1972 /73) are characterized by a strong social .
Matthew Collurain in the JOURNAL of SICILY in 1972 on the occasion of his exhibition in Palermo ,
" The paintings of Antonio Presti are as large grainy photographs : they think, for both artificial effects used in contemporary cinema . A speech quite modern too .. "

From 1974 to 1978 he released four folders each comprising six linocuts in black and white and color dedicated to his people of Sicily , published in some magazines of Art and Culture which three , in December of 1975, LEAF ART , where we read :
" This second folder is part of the large series of engravings made ​​by the artist in 1974 , a kind of graphic diary in which he , drawing on the folk tradition , highlights the social and environmental constraints that perpetually hamper the human and social development . "

Its migration in Piedmont, in 1975 , led him to Sauze d'Oulx (TO ), where three friends founded the Library - Art Gallery " SPACE " care and interesting exhibitions of artists from Turin ( Gribaudo Ezio , Mario Gambedotti , Gio Minola ... ) and artists nisseni (Franco Spena , Andrea Vizzini ... ) .
The Nature of the woods and the silence of the mountains inspired him to create " an original plot representations of arboreal - natural -climatic conditions (Giuseppe Piccoli) .
In 1979 he moved to Cuneo and in his studio -workshop in the historic center develops and manufactures various cycles dedicated to the trees . " The long , thoughtful , measured pictorial itinerary of Antonio Presti is identified with a naturalism revisited , with an attention to the values ​​of the color and material , with a figure linked to the vision of reality. Dictation , his , which is a decisive response in the observation of the surrounding landscape , the enchanting light seeping between the large trees , in the symbolic definition of the metaphysical " Blue Trees .. " ( Angel Mistrangelo ) .

   For nearly two years , in parallel with " REMAINS OF OPERA " is realizing the growing modular installation " TREES INFINITI " continues to grow, as the forest grows ( currently measures 20 meters , already exhibited in August 2012 in the event ARTEINGIARDINO to Oulx (TO) .

In the performance of REMAINS OF OPERA shooting video WEDGE , PARIS and in SICILY ,
launched on YOU- TUBE , artist shatters and transforms his works for a cause PRO or AGAINST ,
(dedicated to women victims of physical and psychological violence against the brain drain
abroad, etc. . ) . The metamorphosis of the paintings sacrificed generate the REMAINS OF OPERA that the artist
put under vacuum or in glass jars labeled, numbered and signed , to preserve its memory .
The recent exhibition of 2013 , in the Palace of collective FERRARA and Racquet TORINO 20 at the Gallery titled " dramatis personae " , with Mondadori catalog ( in the library since December 2013) have reported good success with audiences and critics .

   He currently lives and works between WEDGE and PARIS, where in his " petit studied " , realizes (when it shatters some of his work ), only the memory of its forests recent paper
and that is in the old " marchés aux puces " Parisians to make watercolors and mixed media.